Variety of Acupuncture

You want to try acupuncture for the first time, but you are confused once the Acupuncturists told you what kind you want. You probably thought it was just healing and therapy. Still in that phase, then this article is perfect for you, today we’ll solve your problem about the different kinds or diversities of an acupuncture therapy. These are what you have to do before coming in an acupuncture Fort Lauderdale location. 

  1. Body Acupuncture 

The most popular acupuncture treatment. This acupuncture requires a very fine needle that is thrust into your skin, so, it’s common to see yourself surrounded by needles if you choose this kind of acupuncture, needles in almost every part of your body. Since this requires needles getting through your body it may cause discomfort for a while. This kind of acupuncture is the usual acupuncture to mend your condition 

  1. Electro Acupuncture 

This is combined with the body acupuncture, it involves a machine, electro acupuncture machine. If you choose this kind of acupuncture, you can feel a mild sensation going through your body. It can cure conditions, yes, but it’s not appropriate for all patients. 

  1. Acu pressure 

This is where acupuncturist applies pressure so you’ll feel more relax, it is almost like a massage. In some cases, acupuncturist teach patients how to massage themselves, they might give some advices. It is convenient to treat a painful condition such as morning sickness, and headaches. 

  1. Auricular acupuncture 

This treatment is for addicts of such. Acupuncturist takes a very fine needle and insert it’s to your ear.  

Now you learned the different kinds of acupuncture treatments, it’s now time to know the different acupuncturist treating you. 

  • Chiropractors – this are for people who has spinal problems, this acupuncturist can treat spinal alignments without any surgery. 
  • Licensed acupuncturists – this acupuncturist has a certificate through NCCAOM. These acupuncturists specialize in acupuncture. 
  • Medical doctors – this acupuncturist specialize in traditional medication. These practices on beliefs and religious medicine. This practices not only in your physical well-being but it is also a practice for your mental health. 
  • Naturopaths – specialize in naturopathy or naturopathic medicine. Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine based on the healing power of nature and the human body. 
  • Osteopathic doctors – these doctors specialize in a hands-on method of diagnosing, they also can help you heal and promoting health 
  • Physical therapists – these therapists specialized on the physical form of a patient, and see if your mobility, movement, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination are improving. If not, they’ll help you improve it. 


Now that you know the different acupuncturist and the different acupuncture treatments, you can now go to your local acupuncture place. You probably won’t be confused anymore but if you do you can always do keyword research. The acupuncture can hurt a bit, but pain always results to a good result. We hoped that this article helped you know more about acupuncturist and acupuncture itself, it’s kind, properties, and classification.

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