How to Find a Builder? Tips and Tricks

As time goes by, houses are getting bigger and bigger. The same goes for garages, it’s getting larger and larger. At first, the garage can only accommodate one car. Now, most houses have big garages with enough space for two to three cars. As a homeowner, you have to make sure that you know what your garage will be. Here are some tips that can help you. 

Attached versus Detached 

Most of the houses have attached garages in their house. This is because they offer convenience during winter when it is cold and wet outside. But compare to detached, it limits the design options of your house. You have to think thoroughly about what will you have for your house. Is it attached or the detached? 

Convenient Entry 

The most common design now for a garage in a standard home is the garage door facing the street at the side of the house. It offers convenience when you park your house. There are no obstacles and detour to pass. The reasons behind this are it save money. But is it a smart choice of many?  

Space of Garage 

Garage, as time goes by, is getting bigger. It started only with one car fits but now almost all houses have garages that can fit two to three cars. Now almost all home has a garage that can fit more than two cars. Only a few now have garages that can fit one car. This is currently the latest trend.  

Space Above the Garage 

It is not simple to have a garage that is attached to the house. The roof of a garage needs to be higher. Space above can be challenging. Actually, you can put a mini office, media room or playroom for your kids to utilize the space. It is more economical to put something above the garage than leave it as it is.  

Plan the Stairs 

If you have a space above your garage, you need where to put your stairs. You can actually ask some opinions about this from a garage builder that you will hire. You need to put the stairs where you can create a balance of the design of the house. 


Tips on Hiring a Builder 

If you are looking for a builder or local handyman for your house, you have things to consider first. They are very important and you must read them below: 

  1. Thoroughly research a potential builder to hire. You can ask your family members or friends if they know someone. You can hire someone based on the experience of someone you know.
  2. Hire only those who have licensed to do the job. You need to ask the builders if they have license or insurance documents. Ask for a contract. Before you start doing your garage, you have to make sure that everything is written in a contract. The contract must include the estimated time of building and the cost. Make sure builders will only stick to what is written there.
  3. Know what you want before the construction. You have to make sure you already know what type of garage you want before you started with the construction. In this way, there will be minimal changes to the work.
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